Utility Energy Systems has an in-depth knowledge of NFPA 58 propane gas code and the NFPA 54 natural gas code.  This knowledge is required to efficiently design a system with a minimum of initial and ongoing cost. UES has been providing propane backup systems for natural gas since 1994.


System Installation

Utility Energy Systems has over twenty-one years of experience in installing propane systems in a variety of industrial and agricultural applications. Over seventy systems have been successfully installed to date.


Emergency Service

Utility Energy Systems has been called to troubleshoot system problems when others have failed. Let us be your “First Responders” to your propane system situation and get your problem solved quickly. We have a propane system on skids to drop on site and get things back to normal rapidly.


Service Contracts

UES’ annual service contract ensures priority during an emergency plus a predictable budget to level out potential surprise replacement costs. Includes start-up and shut down as well as lower hourly rates when correcting a problem. Studies have shown that a regular maintenance schedule results in doubling the life of a vaporizer.


Propane WatchdogTM

You may require 24/7 operation assistance of your propane system by competent technicians. Utility Energy Systems can supply your needs to ensure operational oversight and intervention when required.


Glycol Testing

While the main purpose of the glycol solution in your water bath vaporizer is to prevent freeze ups, it can affect your propane vaporizer in other ways if it becomes too acidic. The rust inhibitor properties of the glycol solution can break down and wear out over time. It needs to be replaced periodically so it won’t shorten the life of your vaporizer. Let UES test, flush, and replace as necessary and recycle the old glycol properly.


Start-up  Service

Propane backup systems need to be checked out before the peak curtailment season as well as at the end of the heating season. Experienced technicians will ensure trouble-free operation of your system or quickly zero in on trouble spots before they become operational problems.


LPG to NG Conversion

You’ve crunched all the numbers and you realized that in your situation it is a “no brainer” to convert your facility to natural gas.  And the longer you wait you are wasting money so why not make the leap.  What isn’t a ‘no brainer” or as easy… is to convert you facility to natural gas with as little interruption to your business as possible.  Another decision that isn’t easy to make is to select the right vendor to do the job for you.   You need to find someone with the experience and know-how to do the conversion job as seamlessly as possible.

Utility Energy Systems (UES) should be on the top of your list to see if it will meet your needs to convert your facility from propane to natural gas.  UES can quickly assess the situation and give you a quote taking into consideration the proper removal and disposal of propane related equipment.  They can find a new home for that equipment and give you credit to help pay for the conversion.  UES can also quote you a natural gas backup system to allow you to qualify for one of the lowest natural gas interruptible rates if you have a large gas load.


Equipment Removal

Needs and equipment change in a business and sometimes it does not make sense to hang onto obsolete equipment.  Also, some equipment lying around can be a liability.  Utility Energy Systems can offer you a solution to old and outdated propane equipment including vaporizers, blenders and propane tanks.  UES can safely remove piping, properly cap pipes, remove concrete, and clean up the site.  Cash credit can be given for good sellable equipment.  Turn a liability into an asset.


Safety Training

Propane system training is important to the well-being of your employees and business.  Utility Energy Systems training is an outgrowth of our vast service experience with different propane systems and installations.  We can customize a training session from introductory to refresher at your site to meet your needs.  Our employees have over 120 years combined experience working with gas equipment and with the NFPA-58 code.