Propane tanks

Utility Energy Systems can provide a used tank which have been getting fairly rare lately.  UES also has relationships with the top manufacturers of new tanks in the US in order to get you the best price and delivery.

Propane vaporizers

Whether you are looking for a direct-fired or water bath vaporizer, new or used, Utility Energy Systems can quickly respond to almost any need.

Propane/air backup systems

UES has been providing SNG systems to reduce large industrial and commercial users’ gas rates for over twenty years.   We even partner with Utility Partners Inc. to provide a shared savings option to eliminate the initial capital outlay.  The program can allow companies to switch immediately to a lower cost interruptible gas rate tariff.


Pumps can be a major headache and are expensive due to their severe service rating.  Seals can go dry, burned out motors or poor performance due to cavitation are a few of the problems encountered.  Utility Energy Systems can quickly scope out the problem and replace or repair as necessary.

Propane/air backup systems for NG

Natural gas companies deal with several variables in the local distribution of gas.  These include demand caused by weather, new growth of users and their demand changes and supply limitations.  To help with their balancing act of distribution, one gas tariff rate classification has been created—the interruptible gas service rate.  This substantially reduced gas rate allows customers to save a lot of money on their gas bill provided the customer has a way of riding through a curtailment of gas.  Gas isn’t really cut off; but if a customer uses gas when they have been curtailed, it results in a severe monetary penalty. Utility Energy Systems has been installing propane/air backup systems for over twenty years.  The backup system allows for the gas to be switched on the fly when a curtailment is required.  The system is composed of a propane tank, vaporizer and a blender plus piping to tap into the building behind the gas meter.  Propane is mixed with air at a 55% to 45% ration and to the NG burners it looks like pretty much the same.  No orifices need to be changed.




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